Pencil Case Designs

There are many different kinds of pencil case designs. One of the most popular ones for taking pencils on the go is one that is long, flat, and has a zipper on it. These can be made from various kinds of materials - leather, plastic, rubber, cotton, and more. Vinyl products are coming back in style, so vinyl pencil cases are coming back too.


If the pencil case doesn't zip, there's only two other options for it. It will either slide out and have a button at the top of a flap, or it'll have a button and a zipper. Either way, it'll close somehow. The zipper is the more common one. The button is often called a Japanese style closing. (This can also apply to a pencil case that has a snap top instead of a button or a zipper, but these are much less common outside of Japan than the others are.)


Pencil cases don't have to be just a solid color, however. Most pencil cases have some kind of a design on them. Some have chevron stripes. Others have polka dots. A few have phrases. Specific brands might stamp their brand name across the bottom or the inside of the pencil case and have a picture or a certain saying on the outside of it. Simple vertical or horizontal stripes are another option out there. Solid colors are an option for the more conservative shoppers out there, though.


For the more fun shopper, some companies create pencil cases that look like fruit or that look like people or characters from movies. These are often a little more expensive than the solid colors or the simple patterns, but are well worth the price.