What are the top 5 school supplies your kid needs.


School supplies do not have to be boring and drab. When it comes to shopping for your kids school supplies you can have an even blend of practicality and pizazz to make both the student and the teacher happy. You might find yourself going through the list the school gave you and questioning how much is truly essential. There are 5 school supplies that every kid needs.



  • Paper and/or Paper notebooks


  • Folders


  • Pencils


  • Glue Sticks


  • High Lighter


Why Are These Top 5 So Important?


These top 5 will help your student throughout their academic day in every way possible. The paper will be utilized in the form of writing journals and assignments. Pencils are used for every subject and tests. Folders will help keep students organized. Often teachers will request several folders and each with a specific color. This is for organizational purposes. Often a certain color will correlate to a specific subject. Glue sticks come in handy for the elementary school aged students. These are often used in math and even ready projects. High lighters are ideal for older students to high light notes and pertinent information.


Other School Supplies That Benefit The Class Room

Teachers will often also ask for donations such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and Ziploc bags. These might seem more like home use products but they do play a vital role within the classroom. Students are constantly blowing their noses during cold and flu season. It is highly disruptive to continually be dismissed to wash hands. Kleenex and Antibacterial hand sanitizer will help students during these long winter cold seasons. Clorox wipes will help keep desks and supplies sanitized and Ziploc bags can also be used to hold certain supplies and separate students’ supplies. For more ideas read on pencil case.